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Firma Fertinger Automotive Poland produces aluminum wires, which can be found in cooling systems, air-conditionings or other systems of fluid transfer used in the automotive industry. The manufacturing process is multistage and includes bending, cutting, forming, cleaning, and installation.


Bending process is carried out on two types of benders: BLM PLANET and BLM SMART.
SMART is a discreet, stand-alone machine, completely independent of the operator. It contains a compact layout, integrated loading and unloading provides automatic and continuous operation mode in a long-time. BLM PLANET: The advantage of this combined work process is possibility to include a variety of working operations in a single and specific production process, i.e. straightening, forming, bending and cutting. It can be also configured with various modules to allow cycles of optional operation, rather than the entire production process from straightening to unloading, e.g. only cutting, bending or forming.


Cutting stage is connected directly to bender BLM PLANET. The cutting mechanism is based on the saw operation, which consists of appropriately protected wheeled blade. The tube is hold using the clamp on the shoulder of inbound. Lateral support is adjustable depending on dimensions of machined tube, it supports element while cutting.


Forming is carried out on machines of BLM AST or BLM TUBE-FORM type.
Machines of BLM AST type are also used for tube-forming. They are constructed from 5 or 6 permanent processing positions, or 5 permanent and one rotational. This can be used to operations such as: contracting, expanding, closing, etc.


ABB robot - robotic welding station ABB
it consists in welding by means of an electric arc produced between a consumable electrode and a welded material. The melting electrode is a wire fed continuously. The arc and the liquid metal pool are protected by a shielding gas stream. It is intended for permanent connection with each other, through the welding process of aluminum components. Removal of finished parts is done manually. Positioning and blocking of details on the base elements is carried out with the use of clamps. The robotic welding station has two work stations equipped with positioners with base devices mounted in them. The robot handles both positions alternately. While the robot is welding at the first station, the operator at the second station manually removes the welded part, and then places new welding elements. Then the positioner rotates to work at the second station, and manual replacement of parts takes place at the first station.


Dürr EcoClean Universal 81W is used system in cleaning process.


Assembly of elements is carried out on MIOS T40-FV presses.


The last step in this process is packaging. In a specially designated area are prepared details that undergo 100% control and then are sent to target customers.

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